Purple Heron

Wherever there is food for birds, there are birds. The greater the diversity of foods, the greater the variety of birds. We are so lucky at Lenvos to have numerous habitats which we manage sensitively and nature has rewarded us with a wealth of species. Within 800m of your cottage you can discover up to 40 species from Firecrests to Great White Egrets, Kingfishers to Crested Tits, Sandpipers to Skylarks. We love sharing our quiet corner here and do all we can to preserve and encourage birdlife for our guests to enjoy.


Great White Egret

The neighboring farm and woodland is accessible to visitors by public footways, green lanes and agricultural tracks providing good chances to see and mark off some of the less common birds.

Further afield to the south there are several coastal reserves with heathland, salt marshes and estuaries. For example, at Senne on the Gulf of Morbihan to see Spoonbills, Marsh Harriers, several varieties of duck and waders. On the North coast are the rich feeding grounds in Bay of Saint Brieuc with large flocks of waders.



French agricultural policy is to encourage low herbicide and insecticide usage and the environmental policy is nationally and locally sensitive to creating a diverse and sustainable ecosystem.

Godwit at Succinio





We have nesting boxes for several bird species, bat boxes and insect hotels. We are also active in trying to prevent the establishment of Asiatic hornets.